Webcomic List

Okay, so until I get Links figured out, this is where I’m going to list all the…webcomics…I read. Most of them take some time to get into, and there are parts that are conflicting to my personal tastes, but overall they’re all excellent.

Edit: Figured out links!  Booyah! 

8-Bit Theater - A parody of the original Final Fantasy with quirky characters whose personalities are, by the author’s own telling, taken to extremes.  There’s some pretty bitter dialogue and such, but the positive outshines the negative, in my opinion.  Created by Brian Clevinger.

ADVENTURERS! - The art is perhaps a step down from the rest on my list, but if you’re into RPG’s, you have to check it out. There’s just moments of pure genius.  Created by Mark Shallow.  *This comic has come to an end, but the archives are still there to be read.

The Class Menagerie Classic - An interesting comic about college life, only with anthropomorphic characters.  A fun read, although it has an outdated feel to it.  Oh, and don’t pay attention to the “Classic” on the end — that just means it was re-run.  Created by Vincent Suzukawa.  *This comic has come to an end, but the archives are still there to be read.

Comedity - A great little comic with exquisite artwork about the artist and his many personalities. Much hilarity ensues.  Created by Garth.

Count Your Sheep - A very cutesy comic about a girl, her mother, and their shared imaginary friend.  Created by Adis.

Ctrl+Alt+Del - I was a bit leery of this comic — the language is far and away the most vulgar of the comics I read (except for xkcd now)).  However, the characters stuck with me, and I haven’t regretted it.  I especially love the section where Ethan meets Lilah’s parents.  Created by Tim Buckley.

DMFA - It’s almost hard to believe that the first bunch of archive pages belong to the same artist, but the artist’s style has vastly improved over the years.  With such an entertaining cast, set in an intriguing world, this comic was quick to become a standard in my webcomic list.  Created by Amber Williams.

Dominic Deegan - This strip starts out with a small scope, making one-shot jokes dealing with seeing the future, but it evolves into a series of events that threaten the world. Magic, mystery, and alliteration. This has it all, my friends; it even updates daily!  Created by Michael “Mookie” Terraciano.

Dresden Codak - I rarely, if ever, fully understand the concepts thrown around in this comic, but the art is gorgeous and the characters are charming.  Created by Aaron Diaz.

El Goonish Shive - Ah yes, my first webcomic. This shall always have a special place in my heart. I really don’t know how to describe it…just get past the first few strips and you’ll discover a true gem.  Created by Dan Shive.

MegaTokyo - An anime style webcomic that goes from gamer humor to manga drama. If you’re a fan of Japanese comics, this is a good read. Of course, it’s good anyways…but yeah, very well executed style, in my opinion.  Created by Fred Gallagher.

Minus - A whimsical comic about a girl who can do anything.  Literally.  A little creepy in some of the earlier ones, but mostly whimsical, it’s a great comic.  That it’s done in watercolors is quite refreshing.  Created by Ryan Armand.

The Order of the Stick - A comic based in the D&D universe.  Good story, great humor, and a refreshingly simple art style.  Everyone abbreviates it Oots, but I know that it’s really Toots.  Which I find hilarious.  Created by Rich Burlew.

Ozy and Millie - On the one hand, I like the title characters (Ozymandius and Millicent) and the style.  On the other, I don’t always enjoy the subjects brought up.  Still, there are at least as many cases where I do like the subjects.  Created by D.C. Simpson.

Rice Boy - Bizarre.  Heart-warming.  Dark.  That’s as close as I’m going to get with a description, other than to say that it’s about an immortal machine-man who has been looking for the prophecised fulfiller, and the one he picks for the job.

Slightly Damned - A story about a Jakkai (a race in the world of the comic) who, upon death, is judged to be worthy of being sent to neither heaven, hell, nor purgatory.  Instead, she ends up in the ring of the slightly damned.  An interesting story, cute art style, and adorable characters.  Created by Chu.

tailsteak.com - An interesting little site by the husband of DMFA.  No regular updates or anything, but it’s worth checking every now and then.  Another project of his, 1/0, is also worth a read; it’s 1,000 strips have already come to an end.  All created by Mason Williams.

xkcd - I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this comic.  The author is not afraid to use strong language, but there are strips that feel gentle, almost vulnerable.  I may not continue to follow it, but for now…Created by Randall Munroe.