Turning of Days

So I’ve decided to move!  This is somewhat old news to a number of you, I imagine, but I thought I should…I dunno, make it official?  So, yes.  Reports of my change in residence are, in fact, not greatly exaggerated.

This decision was a result of me visiting my good friend Ace Waters at the end of August.  We made some movies, played some games, and talked about a lot of things.  In other words, we hung out.  And I realized that I really missed being able to do that with my friends.

And thus, the moving.  Here’s hoping I get some forward momentum from shaking things up.

As a side note, I wonder if my lappy has a virus!  Seems like I only get about 10-15 minutes of internet browsing tops before it decides to start running at a speed approaching zero.  Good ol’ AdAware assures me that there are only ever negligible threats or level 3 TAC…things present.  I’m beginning to question just who the program is working for.

…Of course, it’s working just fine right now, after a force-restart.  Which was intended as a force-shut down, but somehow resulted in immediately turning it back on…

Regardless!  Whadda youse guys think?

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