Sequitur, or Non?

So the other day, the guy who owns Courier Cafe was in when I got to work, as he sometimes is.  Traditional morning greetings ensue, him being one of the (many) people with much better name recollection ability than myself.  I’m fine, he’s great, end of contact.

But after a couple steps he stops, turns around, and says (to the best of my recollection), “In fact, the only way I could be better was if I cloned myself!”

…Uh, what…?

One Response to “Sequitur, or Non?”

  1. Susan Says:

    Dear k.m.m.

    One translation with limited knowledge of said owner: He has too much happiness to fit in one body. I’d sure like to know what prompts his happiness. Owning a restaurant? Having such a good salad bar guy?

    Love, s.e.e.

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