Oh dear it’s the 7th.

 Ummm…still cruisin’ along.  Still salad bar-ing.  Oh!  That’s right.  I’m the most senior salad bar person there now, according to the new manager — and I haven’t even been there for a full year.  Almost, but not quite.  Sca-ree.  I don’t want to be the 35-year-old guy who’s been setting up the salak bar since forever because he couldn’t figure out what to do…

Also, closing the salad bar, despite what the person who trained me said, is not easy.  Seriously.  Salad bar closes at 9 PM on weekdays.  First night on my own, I closed everything down by myself…and finished at midnight.  Second night on my own, I got out at something like 10:05 PM, but only because the manager for the night did about 75% of the work for me.  So yeah.  I’ll stick with getting up early and opening, thank you very much.

…Please let me not have to close ever again…

2 Responses to “Ho-hum”

  1. Susan Says:

    Hello my son,

    Always good to hear what’s up with you. I never thought I’d hear you say “I’ll stick with getting up early . . .” as we have such similar attitudes toward the times of daybreak to noon. Unless we’ve been up ’til daybreak or noon. But all things are possible.

    Love from the big city,


  2. heidi Says:

    Oh the memories. At IHOP there was so much side work after every shift that neither David nor I seemed to be able to get it all done in less than an hour(on good days) and often 2 hours. Helping food to fulfill it’s function and be a reason for socializing takes a lot of work! David and I opted for day shift too. Hmmm…35 and working at a salad bar. I realize you are probably making a joke, but just in case…I don’t see this in your long term future.

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