Private Parking

Something I found interesting about these two words: the 4th, 6th, and 7th letters in both are the ones that neither of them share.

Also, pictures.

Please to be pretending that you are upside-down-like in your seeingness until I am more knowingful of image-fu.




3 Responses to “Private Parking”

  1. Mom Says:

    TNX for sharing the pix! I am quite enamored of the seemingly flat orange with a shadow and this gorgeous leafy prickly thingy. You DO have a touch for photos! Fun.

    How ever did you come upon the interesting letter equation in private parking? Words are your friends.


  2. Bahiyyih Says:

    Great photos Khalil! I love the hop ball, it reminds me of a very pregnant tummy. (Maybe I have babies on the brain. OK, definitely.)

  3. khalil Says:

    Well, whilst Bahiyyih was taking her turn at voting, I was sitting in the van, and just kinda looking around…and I noticed we were parked in front of a private parking sign. The one was placed directly over the other, so the letters lined up pretty well.

    And the rest was just…cognition…cogitation…cognification…

    …I used thinky stuffs!

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