Small Things

Well, just one small thing really. A mouse. I saw it yesterday, here at mom’s house in Lindenhurst, and after hours of night and early morning vigilance, I caught it via the power of tupperware. I’m glad it’s not running free around the house anymore.

But oh man, it was cute. Seriously. Like, I-wanted-to-keep-it-and-pet-it-and-love-it-forever cute. I ended up letting it go, though. In the end, I figured it probably would not be so happy with me.

I did manage to get it to climb on my hand before I set it free, however. And I took pictures! Maybe the good folks at the Bakery would be so kind as to help me get them up here, or something…

By the way, sorry I took a longer trip than expected out here. And thanks for looking after my plant! Hope he’s doing alright…

PS: I suppose I might as well say it now - “Ranger Man’s Agenda” is an anagram of “Green and Anagrams”.  Also, that post was written in in Champaign, then edited and posted in Lindenhurst.  In case there was any confusion

Edit: Pictures~

Indoor 1

Indoor 2

Indoor 3

Outdoor 1

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