Ranger Man’s Agenda

So dad came over yesterday, and we all ended up going for a walk in the woods that we live oh-so-close to at the Bakery. There was so much green. I mean, I’ve seen pictures of such wonderfully verdant displays, but the leaves! And the grass! And the plants! All so green! And with no mosquitoes to speak of…it was heavenly.

Also, I have recently been fascinated with anagrams. Allow me to share a few with you:

Khalil Moutrie = Haiku: more lilt
Super Mario = Rare Opiums
Final Fantasy Tactics = Nifty satanical facts (well, it fits the story anyway…)

It’s just so crazy, the kinds of connections you can make with language. Makes me think that maybe older civilizations were right to regard anagrams as a source of wisdom.

Of course, there’s some less savory connections that can be made, and some are downright…strange. Like:

Khalil Moutrie = Uteri milk halo

I mean, I have kinda felt like I’ve grown up with a lot of female influence, but…

Well, anyway, here’s one last one to occupy your thoughts:

Achieve your dreams = Arcade hero, ivy muse.

P.S: The title is an anagram. Try running it through the thingy here. Or just pester mom.

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