I’mma Try a List Today

We’ll see how it works, eh?

- Performed my rap poem again for intro to poetry; Uma finally brought a friend of his to do some freestyle rap for us, so we had me do my rap for him.  It wasn’t quite the same without my beats, but ’twasn’t bad.

- Did not get to read my sestina for said class because I was anticipating Madonick asking peoples for finished poems.  Guess I’ll read it next week…

- Was late to my Short Story class, but the professor was still talking about next week’s test when I walked in, and there was no quiz.  So I got the notes, and didn’t get points taken off for having not read the stories.  Booyah.

- Heard Teresa address me as, “Silly stupid Khalil!” during dinner.  I was later informed that this was the tail end of a rebellious streak that had been running all day.  My sympathies to Bahiyyih.

- Improved my best times (in seconds) for Beginner (30 -> 14) and Expert (418 -> 333) difficulties on Minesweeper.  It took me twenty years, but I now appreciate the complexity of the logic involved.

- Grocery shopping is fun.  Grocery shopping with Bahiyyih is more fun.  Boo-frickin-yah.

- It has just occured to me that I could post my poems on this here blog.  Not the rap poem of course; for that I’d need to do a YouTube-y thingamajig.  But for the other stuffs, would that be interesting?  Lemme know what you think.

Edit: G’yarr, nine minutes past midnight.  Still feels like today…

2 Responses to “I’mma Try a List Today”

  1. Nana Says:

    Love your snippets. Post those pomes! Wish I were grocery shopping with you two.

    Nana Mom

  2. khalil Says:

    You want me to post apples? Well, I dunno about that…they wouldn’t really fit into my computer…but at least I can show you some poems.

    Also this is a test. Testing the thingy…

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