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Yeah, feeling knida random tonight.  Well, not really feeling much of anything this very moment.  Which is what happens when I’ve done something I may regret later.  Something that I should’ve done a long time ago.

I also kinda feel like a bum.  No job, no loan, no socially acceptable hobbies (by which I am referring to video games and the internet).  This feeling is also partly due to that thing I mentioned.

…I’ll tell you all about it once a resolution has been achieved…

In other news…um…Cleric!  Necromancer!  La Pucelle!  They all vie for my attention, but I am merely one man…alas, my existence is too limited.  Le sigh.

One Response to “No Theme”

  1. Mom Says:

    Hello my son,

    This sounds interesting. How are you feeling as this weekend approaches? Give me a call if you want to shoot the breeze. Now I wonder where that expression came from.

    And you do have one job that you are pursuing . . . education.

    Much love,

    Your mom

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