It is Begun

Oh, right!  My blog.  Writing.  Ummm…

There ‘ya go!

But yeah, I’m back in college.  It seems like there’s so many things to do (which there are), but when I sit down to do them, my mind goes blank.  Or my motivation starts wilting.

For instance, scholarships.  I’ve signed up at this place called Fast Web to look for them.  I’m pretty sure it’s legitimate, seeing as how a poster in the financial aid office was advertising it.  But anyways, I’ve found that there are a great many out there, and I could apply for a number of them.  But I looked at them, and then…looked at them some more.  I know it’s that or a loan, but even then…

Oh, and if I’m doing that, I’ll need to get on it.  Ay…

On a positive note, though, I’m signed up for all my classes!  And I have a plant!  From my People, Plants & Environment discussion.  Supposedly there are prizes given out at the end of the semester, providing you keep it alive.

I care not about such fickle, transient things.  I will love it and feed it and pet it forever and ever and ever.  Not going to name it though.

…Nnnnope, not going that far.

But it’s my little plant.

4 Responses to “It is Begun”

  1. Layli Says:

    Khalil, if there was a fan club for you, I would be first on the list. As Buddy in Incredibles would say, I’m you’re #1 fan! No, really, I am. p.s., how’s Little Plant doing?

  2. khalil Says:

    A fan club, for me?…o_O…

    As for My Little Plant…I’m not so sure. It looked pretty happy, up until today. It’s leaning way over to the side…I gave it a lot of water just now. I hope it perks up.

  3. Nana Says:

    Wow. A plant friend. Your sister Bahiyyih is pretty wise with grren things. If you’ve inherited your mother’s tendencies in the plant department . . . well . . . never mind.

    I’ll be vice chairperson of that fan club.


  4. Layli Says:

    Are you ever going to write again? Your fans are patiently waiting.

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