Thoughts for the Day

There’s three of them, and the only connection they have to each other is the fact that I only figured out I was off of work when I got there.

 The first is, “I am such a die-hard Final Fantasy fan.”  No, seriously, as much as I complain about Tactics advance and X-2, I’m pretty sure I’m too loyal to ever break away from the series.  Case in point: After discovering I had hours to spend at my whim, and after beating a hasty retreat back out of the employee entrance, I visited the EBGames at the mall.  Y’know, to pass the time while waiting for the bus.

I am now the proud pre-orderer of a GameStop exclusive, limited-edition of Final Fantasy XII.  It has…stuff.  Everything.  It comes in a freaking steel case.  There was no way I was getting out unscathed after that.

Come to think of it, how could EBGames be offering a GameStop exclusive?  Huh…

Number Two!  “Construction is cool.”  Have you ever seen a backhoe pulling up the concrete ring of a street median?  I have.  And I can confidently say that it was awesome.  It takes some real skill to work one of those things, and it was really fun to watch.  Also, any vehicle whose driver can swivel to face the back end, and thus access a whole different panel of controls, is just…awesome.

Thought the Third: “Why do people wear white shoes?” After relating this to Bahiyyih, it was decided that someone who was not quite in their right mind (or something to that effect) would not be altogether surprising.  But excluding issues of sanity, why?  The sole purpose of the shoe is to protect the foot.  Thus, by extension, shoes are made specifically for getting dirty.  I fail to see how wearing white, the most contaminable color in existance, is a good idea in this instance.

…And yes, that pun was intended…

Edit: I now also have a thirst for the PSP and its gaggle of RPG’s.  They just look…so…gooooood…

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