Meat in a Tin

I am starting to wonder if there will ever be an aspect of the internet that is free of some form of spam.  And I’m not talking about the debatably edible food product.  Or the broadway show.

It started out with the e-mails.  Okay, so it’s like junk mail.  I can handle that.  Then there were the spam instant messengers.  Not so cool, but at least I have a “report as spam” button.  And they’re not too common.

But tonight I have been introduced to the final blow: spam blog comments.  Pardon my language, but what the hell???  What kind of person do you have to be to make a program that will make bogus posts on someone’s personal piece of the net, just to solicit a link?  Sure, I have to moderate each comment, and I made sure they were all marked for the dirt they were, but twenty-one?  All at once?  And only just now?

And even though they’re obviously not from people I know (or people at all, for that matter), there’s still a little voice in the back of my head that nags me about…I’m not even sure what.  Just deleting comments feels so…ngyahh.  Reminds me of why I’m so very glad I’m not a judge.

Although, I suppose on the bright side, it gave me something to write about.  Otherwise, all I had was that a tornado warning was issued at work, and all of us, customers and associates alike, had to be locked inside for about fifteen minutes.  It ended up being a collective break for us all.

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