No stuff for you!!

Yeap, the old Ascot luggage of yore has been dealt a crippling blow: one of the wheels is completely broken off.  It can now half roll, half scrape along, leaving a nice trail of black in its wake.

Obviously, this cannot continue.

So, being the loyalist that I am, I thought I’d try to find myself another piece from the same company.  In doing so, however, I have been reminded of an important fact about manufacturers.  Which is that they don’t want to sell you anything!!  Not through their own, non-existent website, anyway.  Seriously, there is only a far distant outside chance of finding a manufacturer’s website.  Google isn’t going to find it, that’s for sure.  It will find a plethora of bogus links that all lead to the same freaking search engine page, but not much more than that.

And even when you do find the dang thing, they won’t take your money without registering first.  I know this because a few months ago I was looking for a cap with the 1-up mushroom on it.  I only found the Biodomes website through a link on some random person’s online resume who had worked on programming the site.  Talk about obscure.

My only hope of resolving the mystery lies in the response to an email I sent to a luggage company that seems to be closely tied to ascot.  Otherwise, I’ll just have to find something else.  Samsonite Side Rollers look really good, but black will make the contents hot and I don’t want red.  Skyway looks nice too…fancy zippers, inline skate wheels…decisions, decisions…

Whatever the final choice, I have few hopes of finding a green bag.  Alas.

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