It’s tough eating green.

At least, that’s been the case for me.  As much as I love the color, I just can’t seem to ingest anything with such a hue.  Sure, broccoli is alright, and I’ll eat lettuce, but the chances of me fixing that stuff for myself is…pretty slim.  Close to nonexistant, really.

However!  I have recently discovered a solution to this nutritional shortfall: baby spinach.  I really like this stuff.  Oh so crispy, but still soft and gentle, both in texture and decibel level.  I’ve been eating it with bean stuff and, just tonight, mashed potatoes.  And it is darn good.

Now, admittedly, I’m not sure what it tastes like exactly, seeing as how its flavor has been masked by the things I’ve eaten it with, but I am optimistic that if I ever did eat it alone, it would be delicious.  Or, at the very least, it would taste better than adult spinach.

What is it that spinach loses in maturity that turns me away?  Body?  Possibly.  Flavor?  No, that’s what it gains.  Ick.  Innocence…?

Oh, and on another positive note, I’m going back to U of I in the fall.  I’ve signed up for two classes so far, one I need to check on July 5th, and the other I’ve sent an e-mail to the professor asking if I could snag a seat.

I’m only going to take four classes this year, see if I can keep from over-extending myself this time around.  However, I think I should be okay.  So far, I have a Russian Sci Fi class and a science class for non-science majors.  Booyah.

Here’s hoping I can squeeze into Symbolic Logic.  (Sounds so cool!)

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  1. Layli Says:

    Yeah, why is baby spinach so much more fun? Cool with the classes. Sounds manageable. Love ya!

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