It all started night before last; June 15th, to be exact.  An associate at JCPenney was leaving, and she brought muffins for everyone.  Large, Sam’s Club muffins.  With sugar.  I ate a banana nut one, which was delicious, and snagged another one to bring home.  I gave it to Bill and Bahiyyih.  I then ate the peanut butter cookies from a picnic a while back.

Day one: 1 muffin (banana nut), 2 cookies (peanut butter)

June 16th - as it turns out, and as I had seen the previous day, today is Associate Appreciation Day, complete with ice cream, caramel sauce, “hot” fudge, sprinkles and whipping cream.  I took part in this celebration wholeheartedly.  Upon returning home, I also thought I’d get around to eating a chocolate from that sale a long time ago.  It was still yummy.

Day two: 4 bowls of ice cream (2 chocolate, 2 vanilla), various toppings (including sugar cones, caramel, chocolate fudge/sauce, sprinkles), 1 JCP chocolate

June 17 - I come in at one o’clock thinking I’m just on time, when I’m actually four hours early.  That oughtta teach me to read next week’s schedule early.  Anywho, a sign has been attached to the fridge.  It basically says that everything in it is going to be thrown out by the next day.

Unwilling to let such things go to waste, I do my part in packing in the left over ice cream.  During lunch, I decide that, since I’m on such a roll, I’ll finally try some of those flavors at Great American Cookie that looked really tasty.  I now know that the domino and peanut butter blast cookies are delicious, as are their cookie cakes. (I had a slice)  I also tried a cone with just whipping cream.  It’s pretty good.

At the end of the night, I realize that there are still popsicles from some other sale in the freezer, and grab some orange ones.  A fellow co-worker saves the remaining three boxes from a fate worse than death.

Then, on the way home, I discover that the Moonstruck Cafe is still open…and their products are still delicious.  I also find that hot drinks can be useful on summer nights.  At least, I felt cooler after drinking it.

Day three - 2 bowls of ice cream (vanilla), various toppings (chocolate sauce, chocolate whipping cream, sprinkles, sugar cones), 2 cookies (1 domino, 1 peanut butter blast), 1 slice of cookie cake, 3 popsicles (orange), 1 chocolate bar (ultimate gooey), 1 malted mocha (caramel)

So, there’s a record of my more…extremist tendencies.  If I end up being diabetic, you’ll all know why.

But boy, was it delicious.

Edit: It would seem I have acquired a limit.  And broken it.  Severely.

Never.  Doing.  That.  Again.

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