Sucker Punch

Wow.  I haven’t woken up feeling nauseous and having to use the facilities at the same time ever.  Believe you me, it is not a pleasant experience.

Although, the resulting lack of movement on my part has gotten me to post, so I suppose that’s one thing it’s got going for it.

 In other news, I have recently found that I am still in the system for signing up for classes.  This is awesome news; or at least, it would be if I could actually sign up for stuff.  With the couple of classes I tried to sign up for that weren’t closed, one brought up a conflict I could understand (not honors student), and the other one I have no idea.  Plus, I still have my old classes on my weekly schedule.  Not my cue of ones I’m registered for, just the weekly glance.  It may have simply been showing a week from when I was there…

…oh, and apparently the advisors for LAS get the summer off, because the phone there rang without end when I tried calling yesterday.  Le sigh…

And, just to set the record straight, I have recently purchased a game with a mature rating. But we have a history, Max Payne and I.  And heck, it was only $15.  It may now join Jet Force Gemini, Cybernator, and Duck Hunt in the pitiful assortment that is my shooter section.

I also got “The Best Ice Cream Maker Cookbook Ever.”  Yum.

2 Responses to “Sucker Punch”

  1. Mom Says:

    Hey, dude. Way to go on trying LAS. Use a general University number and ask what’s up. I’m curious about what’s looking interesting classes-wise. Take photography and teach me everything I need to know for the magazine. I am forever not understanding requirements for e-mailed photos.

    Hope you’re feeling better. Saw Sam at the HOW the other day. I knew I knew him, but had the old name blackout. I mean, how could one forget the name of the keeper of the ninja hamster?

    Lots of love to you,


  2. khalil Says:

    Tee hee. The comments, they are like the sweet, candied delights in a blogger’s life. Life candies, if you will.

    I am feeling much better, thanks. I was really drained today, for some reason, but better all the same.

    As for classes, I don’t know. There was this math class about symbols and logic that looked really interesting, and some other one…don’t remember what it was. A writing class, perhaps. And I just might take you up on that command; I would really like to take some art classes, drawing, specifically.

    And hey, we all forget things. I mean, I’d forgotten about the ninja hamster…^_^;

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