Waking Vision

I had a weird dream last night.  It…it was something like, I had to leave my house, which was really a room in a big apartment complex, and anything I left would cease to belong to me.

So I planned to leave with a couple friends, and I was getting geared up, but I spent so much time deciding what to bring for one of them that the one waiting with me had to leave (ended up deciding on four pairs of different metallic-colored earrings).  It took me all day to figure out what I was bringing with me.  I finally left the room, with night falling and the guards of whatever organization was kicking people out, and I went out only to find one of the guys wearing a jacket of mine!  So I got upset and he gave it back, and I left to find my friends.  I didn’t feel hopeful that I’d find them though, because it was so late…

All of this with The Root of All Evil playing in the background…

…very weird.

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