Okay, so I had a more cohesive idea of what I was going to say earlier, but that was before listening to The Root of All Evil by Dream Theater.  However, I do remember the main point.

As it turns out, the charge app goal thing is continuing, and it does not seem that it will go away in the forseeable future.  This time around, however, I was asked how many I would get.  It was still a question I didn’t want to answer, but it was asked all the same.

So I put one.  And wouldn’t you know, the first customer I help wants to apply for a charge card.  Go figure.

Now here’s the thing — I personally feel like asking to apply for a credit card is tantamount to peddling poison.  I don’t want to do it, and it seems wrong to make getting them mandatory.

But when I got it, I felt good.  I didn’t want to, and I mentally  scolded myself after it happened, but it did all the same.  So now I’m morally confused a bit.

Oh yeah, and I missed the last casual friday.  The dress code changed, so now jeans are out 24/7.  Great.

I tried to get an application for the Baskin Robins during my walk home, but it’s really hard finding a legitimate way of talking to the drive-through window guy when you don’t have a car to drive through with.  Or at least, a way that doesn’t look like I want to hold up the place.

I can’t believe I forgot to say this before now, but Georgia has invented the single best band name ever: Smash Pancake.  It is my hope that I will someday be worthy enough to be a part of this phenomenon.


2 Responses to “Conflicted”

  1. Billy Says:

    Ooh, not one, but two comments.

    1. I never made the connection, in the discussions we have had, that you see credit cards as inherently bad or a force for evil and disintegration. I just want to reassure you that they don’t have to be; you aren’t necessarily peddling poison when you ask people whether they want a credit card and a discount. Sure, it’s a temptation, and I can think of better things to spend your time doing, which you obviously can as well (thus the job search). But they’re not inherently unhealthy if used responsibly. And they are awfully convenient.

    B. Smash Pancake? Smash Pancake!

  2. khalil Says:

    A. Well, they are tools, sure. But they’re dangerous nonetheless. I saw Heather not too long ago while waiting for the bus, and I came up with a better analogy there: credit cards are like guns. Some people know how to use them, and other people are going to wind up shooting themselves in the foot. And I don’t feel like being the middle man in either case.

    This has been a culmination of thoughts, though. I hadn’t really needed to until I was forced to.

    2. Well, technically that’s a wafflecake… ;P

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