I’m still here!

Wow, I’ve fallen pretty far from my post-a-day ideal, huh?  Well, my excuse is getting a ton of furniture and having my room in a shambles for the weekend.

And finding out that Dragon Quest VIII, which had been sitting in my room unopened, is actually a really fun game.

And addictive…>_>

Edit: Thought I posted this yesterday…ah well.  In any case, my Emigrant Direct account is now official!  And it’s already earned some interest!!  Woo-hoo!!!

*Ahem*  DQ VIII still continues to be habit-forming.  Although there are some certain aspects that I still disapprove of.  I won’t get into any details, but suffice it to say that it’s no revolutionary in its treatment of women.

Here’s one thought I’ve had while playing DQ VIII: “Mmm, shenanigans…”

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