Unexpected Results

Huh.  I had thought the Video Game posts and the “Daily” posts would be separated, but apparently not.  To those of you who don’t share my gaming enthusiasm…it’s not required reading.

Anywho, I’m planning on putting in an application to County Market for an overnight stocking job.  That sounds like uber fun to me.  I would be so happy to get that position…but then I don’t know what I’d do about college.  I suppose I could always try working while taking classes…choices, choices…

Well, I have my immediate future relatively well-planned out.  I’m going to try to pick out some devotions for tomorrow.  In fact, as soon as I turn off the Lappy, I’ll ask Billy about borrowing prayer books.  The actual choosing will have to wait until tomorrow, however; I need to sleep tonight.

But not before I relate this one experience.  I don’t know why I feel the need to narrate this, but here it is.

I remember this one time I was taken to Great America.  It was, of course, a blast to ride all the roller-coasters I could.  In the line leading to the…Whizzer, maybe?  I remember Wizard, but it was later proven to me that it doesn’t exist…regardless, I got bored waiting in this line.  So I started looking around at things, and ended up seeing this odd bulge in the back pocket of the jeans the guy in front of us (my father and I).  Curious.

So I reached out and grabbed the thing in his pocket.  It was a purely logical line of reasoning: I see something, I want to know what it is, I get it.  Looking back on it now, I’m a bit shocked at the lack of awareness of personal boundaries.

It turned out to be his wallet.  Not knowing what a wallet was, I asked dad about it.  I don’t remember his exact reaction, but I’m pretty sure he was taken by surprise.

I leave you with a Billy quote: “So, assume a spherical cow…”

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