A piece of advice…

On HoI, I posted in the music thread basically the same message I had a few posts back.  Expanding musical horizons, band suggestions, etc.

I have learned this from the responses: Be careful when you ask for advice; you might get a bit more than you bargained for.

I got a lot of suggestions (there are a freaking ton of rock bands in existence), along with both an appraisal and disapproval of my choices from the initial responder.  He told me to stop liking Evanescence because it was too angsty.

Yeah, sorry, but no.  It’s not really something I can turn on and off.  And maybe I want to feel angsty sometimes.  Ever think of that?  Eh?

Yeah, his personality is a bit more…assuming than I’m comfortable with.  He kinda gets on my nerves.

Anyways…Night all.

Edit: And maybe the length of Dream Theater’s songs is part of what makes them cool!  Y’know, so they’re more like art rather than 3 minute jingles!…too drawn out…*grumblegrumble*…don’t appreciate…*mutter*…

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