Burn Baby

I made a fire today.  It was a grand pillar, only made possible due to the assistance of my lovely nieces Georgia and Maya.

Of course, there was a point to making this particular fire, outside of burning things.  Rather, the objective was to burn a specific set of things through the combustion of other, more natural things.

Let me simply say that there are fewer blank pieces of paper in the Bakery.

In other news, the Customer From Hell visited work today, and he decided to check out at my register.  So your mother worked for the company for 25 years, is a lifetime associate, and holds some shares of stock.  That’s great.  That does not, however, give you the right to complain and yell and treat people like absolute trash to get what you want, aka, “money”.

He didn’t yell at me, per se, but he sure chewed out my manager.  “Don’t say another word to me,” he said, “Just give me my money so I can get out of here and never come back.”

There is no excuse for that.  Especially since your mom paid for it with her credit card, thus entitling you to a gift card.  If she really did work here for 25 years, then I’m sure she’d respect what’s known around here as store policy.

Ugh.  Such injustice…ugh.  I’mma stop spewing poison now; probably doesn’t help anybody.

Let’s see, ending note, positive ending note, what can I…oh!  I took steps to create a savings account with EmigrantDirect so as to put my money to work.  $3,000 dollars transferred to Chicago in the blink of an eye…pretty crazy.

Well, as soon as it’s official, anyway.  Hopefully it’ll be useful in the long run.

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