Finances Suck…Logistics Suck…

I talked with my dad today.  He wanted to get ahold of me so as to figure out what happened with an overpayment he made to the U of I.  Apparently, if I haven’t used it for schooling purposes, I have to pay state taxes on it.

I have no patience for this kind of thing.  All the twists and turns and intricacies of finance; I get tired of it all rather quickly.  My checkbook is proof of that.  I haven’t written in it since it got wet.  Around six months ago.

Really, it wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t let the information pile up like this.  Writing down what I’ve spent while I’m spending it is no problem; going back six months trying to find all the money I’ve spent and calculating it all at once is hellish.  This would be solved if I carried my checkbook and pen with me everywhere…but jeans aren’t exactly conducive to such item placement.

Some might argue that video games are filled with intricacies and rules and such.  I would counter that they’re infinitely more fun.

Oh yeah, and I don’t have health/dental coverage since I’m not an active student.  Yay.

Anyway, the thing that stood out for me in the conversation was the revelation of a possibility: I could stay here in Chambana at the Bakery and try U of I for another semester.  Efficient and convenient.  Providing my continued boarding is desirable.

See, I had been thinking about checking out this other college in Beloit.  Beloit College it’s called, for some reason.  They have a great creative writing program (supposedly), I could minor in music fairly easily (it seems), and it’s smaller (definitely).

The only thing I know for certain I’m going to do is to visit this “Beloit College” and see what’s up, hopefully talk to a program advisor of some sort.  It sounds great…but then I’d have to leave where I’ve just gotten settled into.

Argh.  Thinking too far into the future makes me anxious.  And mentally.  Paralyzed.  Nngh…

Backing it up a little, here’s the plan: e-mail Ravi (Beloit Contact), visit Lindenhurst (mom), and…well, work I suppose…

On a completely different note, there’s something I need to admit to.  I have fallen grossly behind in my dental duties.  The past two days I’ve been making valiant attempts to make up for it, but it’ll be slow going to make up for my negligence.

And sugar.  Really need to hold off on that for…lessee…I think two and a half months now…

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