In A.D. 2006…

Billy has set up me the blog.  Make your time.


 So anyways, yeah!  I have a blog now; we’ll see how interesting I can make it.  I think I’ll try to keep up a daily posting, so as to challenge my skills of a writer.

Oh, and as a warning, it is quite likely that I will slip in references from things like, say, Strong Bad, quite frequently.  Just look at the end of the previous paragraph.

…And I tend to make lots of little paragraphs.  Which is something I feel I need to work on.

So, check back in from time to time…for great justice!!

2 Responses to “In A.D. 2006…”

  1. Layli Says:

    You know what else is so cool about the way you write? It reminds me of how you actually talk, like I can just see you saying all this. Maybe you could describe all those characters in your head that you can see with words and someone like, say, Aaron could draw them. Not that I think your drawing isn’t good - I haven’t seen it so it’s not that. Just a thought on following that particular dream. Was that too big sister-y? Anyway, love ya!

  2. Mom Says:

    This is super. I read everything to Thursdend, and enjoyed it all.

    I just met a woman in Dallas whose husband ahs just been hired to work for an online game company. I’ll send contact info if you’re interested in asking any questions.

    I wrote Billy about a fax #. I was on a conference call yesterday when you phoned me at the office. so didn’t get to hear your dulcet tones.

    Love you infinity . . .

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