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Who Needs Titles? Not Me!

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

So let’s see. Stuff, stuff, stuff that’s been happening…

…Go-go Gadget List!

  • I went to an X-Chords concert the other night, with Jon Shinabarger and Emily Howe.  It was a lot of fun, and we heard some gooood a capella music.
  • I’m signed up for Spring classes at Parkland.  Going to try out Music Fundamentals (an online course), Photography, and Beginning Japanese II.  Of course, this is nowhere near set in stone.  I mean, photography?  Now I’m stretching it.
  • My bike was stolen a few days ago.  Which is not so fun.  I mean, I lost my own wallet, someone stole my bike…what’s next, am I going to find my PS2 for sale on eBay?
  • I’ve been having a lot of thoughts recently about the way elements are organized in video games.  And although there’s quite a lot of interesting systems out there, Fire vs. Water/Wind vs. Earth/Holy vs. Dark seems the most common, from my recollections of various games.  But that really bothers me, because then you generally have Lightning lumped in with wind, and sometimes Ice and Water are split into separate sections, and Earth tends to be pretty bland with just a bunch of rocks (except for when there’s plants too!), and don’t even get me started on Light/Dark/Good/Evil.  I’ve been thinking about drawing out the diagram I’ve devised in my head as an attempt at incorporating everything, but we’ll see how far I get with that.
  • Watakushi ha “blanket” de nihongo shirimasen.
  • I am eagerly anticipating some They Might Be Giants music that is on its way to me in the mail.  I think I’ve been needing something new to revitalize my music library.  Something like Whistling in the Dark.  (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah.)
  • Omigoshlaundrychange–