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Moment After the Moment

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

So I went to the Weird Al concert that was here in Chambana on the 28th. It was awesome. For some details, I refer to a description I gave to some online buddies over mIRC (edited for brevity):

[00:20] [Me] I just got back from a Weird Al concert!
[00:21] [Me] And he played Albuquerque!!
[00:22] [Me] I sang along with about 90-95% of it. ^_^
[00:24] [Me] Man…the one song I wanted to hear live most, and he plays it the first concert I go to.

[02:17] [Tao||postrun] Wierd Al concert, eh? Was it good?
[02:18] [Me] It was…man. Just…yeah. So great.
[02:19] [Me] For The Saga Begins, he started with purple lights on the pianist, who was dressed in an Emperor Palpatine-style robe.
[02:19] [Tao||postrun] :D
[02:19] [Me] And there were Storm Troopers and a Darth Vader on stage, too.
[02:20] [Me] And the pianist played some creepy-organ type music, and right at the end of it, Al pops around Vader and starts the song.
[02:20] [Me] The Storm Troopers danced! ^_^
[02:21] [Tao||postrun] !
[02:21] [Tao||postrun] I knew I should have fought my way into the concert when he last came through here.
[02:21] [Me] And the man kept changing outfits! All About the Pentiums, Eat It, Fat, White & Nerdy…
[02:23] [Tao||postrun] A chameleon!
[02:23] [Me] And everytime he had to go backstage to change, they’d put up some clips on the screen. He made a bunch of fake interviews with people he’d parodied, and called it Al TV.
[02:23] [Me] With the actual people.
[02:24] [Tao||postrun] That sounds pretty brilliant.
[02:24] [Luo] Oh yeah. Al TV has been a long running gag :)
[02:25] [Me] Ooh, and they also showed pretty much all the clips from cartoons where Al gets a cameo. ^_^
[02:27] [Luo] Wonder if they showed any clips from Safety Patrol.
[02:27] [Me] …Safety Patrol…?
[02:28] [Luo] One of those made-for-TV movies by Disney.
[02:28] [Luo] He had a small role in it, where he played himself :)
[02:28] [Me] Oh. Maybe…did it have the Naked Gun guy in it?
[02:28] [Luo] Yeah!
[02:28] [Me] Then yes, they did!
[02:28] [Luo] Woot!
[02:29] [Me] The one where the guy is ranting to the newspeople, and then Al gets off the plane. XD
[02:29] [Luo] Hee :)
[02:30] [Me] Oh! And he did a new verse of Headline News with actual current news. About a girl going to prison for a DUI, and then talking about it on Larry King.
[02:30] [Luo] Nice!
[02:31] [Me] Oh-oh! And him and the band did this *spectacular* vocal/rhythm interlude in Yoda! Oh man…I can’t remember any of the words they used, but it was so cool!
[02:33] [Me] Strobe light dancing Al in Pentiums…and in a new song, about suing companies for really dumb stuff, he sat down in front of a red light while saying a part of the “I’ll sue! I’ll even sue you!” chorus.
[02:34] [Me] He looked eeeevil.

I forgot to mention that he sang I wanna B ur lovr, and walked around the floor of the Assembly Hall, pointing out different lady-types. One was really embarrassed, and another gave him a kiss. And then towards the end, there were a couple people who were leaving, and he started dancing with one of them! Spontaneity is awesome.

Yes, he wore the fatsuit for Fat. Yes, he did Amish Paradise. And yes, he sang Albuquerque. I got to hear it live.

Still not over that. My first Weird Al concert, and he sings Albuquerque…