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Time - The Heart of Matter?

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Wow, has it almost been two weeks since I rode the bus up here to Lindenhurst to visit mom? Man…

Time.  It flies, it flows; it speeds and slows.  There are so many comparisons between time and the physical realm– maybe there’s more relation between matter and time than the space they occupy.  I mean, matter appears to us as solid, liquid, and gas.  We divide time into past, present, and future.  That seems significant.  We can no more change what has happened than we can shatter a mountain by kicking it.  As water changes its form to match its container, so too does the present acquire different appearances depending on how any one individual chooses to interpret it.  And surely I’m not the first to notice the parallels of the often-invisible, ever-changing substance of gas to the ephemeral future.

But then I still don’t know what it is that I’m comparing.  Matter is something I can breathe, eat, walk on; it’s atoms and electrons and quarks.  I can detect and change matter.  But what of time?  I can sense it, though not through any definite means.  And no matter how far back I set my (metaphorical) watch, the day will refuse to reverse.

I cannot define time by directly identifying it.  So, logically, I should try to define what it isn’t.  Space comes to mind, but that is perhaps a pitfall.  After all, if matter can be converted into energy, who’s to say that the same can’t be said of time and space?  There are pieces of art that are called ‘timeless’, transcendent above time.  This is perhaps exaggeration — the physical embodiments certainly must decay at some point, and though there are many long-lived ideas and emotions, their continuation doesn’t prove a possession of immortality.  So what, then, is immortal, transcendent?

God.  He is above all things.  In this simple comparison then, time is in direct opposition to the nature of God, and so too then, to a certain extent, are our souls.  So, if God is immortal (and thus not mortal), and time is (for the purposes of this exercise) opposite of God, then time must be mortality.

Mortality as a measurable, physical substance.  It would certainly explain why we can’t fully comprehend that mysterious fourth dimension tentatively labeled ‘time’.


Ace’s wedding was grand.  My first wedding attendance of one of my peers.  The fact’s had time to sink in, so it’s not quite so astounding now.  But yesterday, it managed to hit me at a fair clip.  The…priest?  Executor?  The…guy joining Ace and Allison, pastor Neil, was wonderful and funny.  The cake was cut with a katana (totally called it), and everyone was served crabcakes…OF DOOM!!  And, perhaps best of all, it was a dry wedding.  Fun for the whole family!

Hmmm…I see the dentist today.  Oh!  And it turns out the community college over here by mom has a class for game design.  And lots of art and music classes for anyone to take.  Things that I need to think about, and talk to people about.  Uhy.

Also, Ratatouille and The Last Mimsy are both good movies.  I think I enjoyed Ratatouille more, but I love just about everything Pixar puts out there, so bias may exist…