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meijer Tomatoes, Petite Diced - by LT

Friday, April 27th, 2007

I’m hungry, but I can’t eat the jewelry.

Ah well.  Probably tastes like orchids anyways.

Oh, but eel!  There’s good sushi in the fridge!


That does not taste like orchids.  More like rainbows.


Outside is still ice.  I’d like it to be, at least.

Frozen landscape is my personal soup du jour

Everyday – it helps when elephants are about.


Still hungry…what else is in the…?  A Post-it Note…

“Bad sushi in fridge!  Tastes like Osama!”  When was

That from?  “Bad sushi in fridge!  Tastes like”…rain…bows…there.


I need more Post-its.  Running out of kleenex too.

Not actual Kleenex – those make me cry coins.

Sounds nice, but it’s not; sugar cubes would be better.


Where’s my puppet?  I need culinary advice;

Without him, I am but a yo-yo in the wind.


This is too hard.  I’ll just go buy some tomatoes.

I’mma Try a List Today

Friday, April 13th, 2007

We’ll see how it works, eh?

- Performed my rap poem again for intro to poetry; Uma finally brought a friend of his to do some freestyle rap for us, so we had me do my rap for him.  It wasn’t quite the same without my beats, but ’twasn’t bad.

- Did not get to read my sestina for said class because I was anticipating Madonick asking peoples for finished poems.  Guess I’ll read it next week…

- Was late to my Short Story class, but the professor was still talking about next week’s test when I walked in, and there was no quiz.  So I got the notes, and didn’t get points taken off for having not read the stories.  Booyah.

- Heard Teresa address me as, “Silly stupid Khalil!” during dinner.  I was later informed that this was the tail end of a rebellious streak that had been running all day.  My sympathies to Bahiyyih.

- Improved my best times (in seconds) for Beginner (30 -> 14) and Expert (418 -> 333) difficulties on Minesweeper.  It took me twenty years, but I now appreciate the complexity of the logic involved.

- Grocery shopping is fun.  Grocery shopping with Bahiyyih is more fun.  Boo-frickin-yah.

- It has just occured to me that I could post my poems on this here blog.  Not the rap poem of course; for that I’d need to do a YouTube-y thingamajig.  But for the other stuffs, would that be interesting?  Lemme know what you think.

Edit: G’yarr, nine minutes past midnight.  Still feels like today…