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When the Blogger’s Away…

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

…what havoc the bots will make.  Yeesh.

But anyways, spring break!  Boy do I ever need it too; I’ve got an 8 page story to write, plus a 6 page paper on books I haven’t read yet.  Then there’s the two other analytical papers I need to get to, and whatever books behind them that I haven’t read yet as well, and a couple chapters to read for Narrative Intro…

So yeah.  Lots of reading.  And writing.  But once I get all that done, there’s just one more analytical paper, story revision, poem writing, and reading short stories.  If I can just focus this week, I should be good to go.

Let’s see…as for relevant things pertaining to me recently, I’ve got two.  First, I wrote a rap poem.  I was doubtful how it would be recieved, but to my surprise I got the highest score in the class.  I contribute this in large part to my bringing beats on my Gameboy.  By which I mean, I used my Gameboy camera that I’ve been carrying around with me for years to compose a 16 measure loop and had that playing while I performed.  That day was an excellent day.  Especially since I didn’t have to wake up for discussion next morning.

I have also become interested in video game remixes again.  Just hearing what some other people have done already, I can’t help but want to contribute to that somehow.  So I went over to OverClocked ReMix to see what I’d need to get started.  They suggested downloading Winamp and Chipamp, which I now have; and after a few other downloads, I can now listen to a bunch of music from NES on up to a bit of PS2 and Gameboy Advance.  Bliss.

Up to this point, I had thought I might be able to get away with just this “Winamp” thing and start mixin’ it up.  But, as it turns out, Winamp is just for listening.  So I looked at the software they were talking about; there was one in particular that seemed appealing.  Check the website, features, samples, great-great.  Then I took a look at the price: $500.

Holy.  Mother.  Of.  Pearl.

Five-hundred dollars.  That’s like…at least 20-25 games straight up.  That’s a PSP and ten games or so.  That’s almost a full month’s rent.  Obviously, I’m not going to be able to scrounge that up from anywhere anytime soon.  Billy had mentioned something about having a music program on his lappy and that I could use it, so I’ll have to take him up on that sometime when he isn’t busy with it.

Five-hundred dollars…