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Well Spent

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

There’s nothing like having about a month to visit friends, celebrate a holiday, and just hang around.  I think I’d forgotten how good things could be near the end of last semester.  But it’s all behind me, and now I can discover if writing is really what fulfills me.

I’ve got to admit though, I’m a little worried about Intro to Poetry.  Not necessarily because I’ll have to write poems.  After all, the best poets tell stories through their words, and the best novelists use poetic language to capture the beauty of their thoughts.  No, I’m not anxious about that part.  Having to read them aloud is more so, but if I continue with literature, then I better get used to it.  Hopefully, with the amount of exposure to peers that I’ll get between both of my intro courses, that won’t be so much of an issue.  No, the thing that has me most nervous is…

…the teacher.

My jury is still out on this guy.  I mean, he seems like he’s a nice enough person, and he can break ice like no other, but he drops the F-bomb all over the place.  The first thing he does once class “officially” starts is write PC on the board.  “Can anyone tell me what this means?”  Someone ventured, “A computer?” which was of course met with a retort, and all was well and good.  So he says no, it’s political correctness.  Which he promptly crosses out.  “F— political correctness.  F— that.”  At this point, my mind has hit the silent panic button.  He also later talked about how reader’s feelings come before the writer’s.  Only it was more like, “Do you have feelings?  No!  You don’t have any feelings!  Only I have feelings, because I’m the reader!”  Or something like that.

I’m likely going to stay with it though, if for no reason other than I won’t be a full-time student any more if I don’t.  I’ll take it as a character building experience, a way to try and cope with the less rational aspects of the world.

All in all though, I’m feeling good about pretty much everything.  I have a lot of reading and writing ahead of me, and I’m also aiming to get a job at a library shelving books.  But I have friends around me and no gen eds to torture me.  Here’s to the enterprise of self-discovery.

Oh, and if anyone left a comment in the past month or so and it hasn’t gone up, that’s because it was marked as spam.  You wouldn’t believe how much of the stuff had piled up around here; there was enough to live on it, if a diet composed entirely of spam could be called “living”.  Man.