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Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Y’know, I have a lot of respect for people who do consistent things online.  Daily bloggers, daily and weekly webcomic artists, Homestar Runner, Ask a Ninja…so many dedicated, motivated people pouring their soul into something on a regular basis.  Man.

About the only things I do on a regular basis are breathe and think.  Well…I exist regularly, anyway.  As much as I can be referred to as “regular”.

 Blatant Segue (But Not Really)!!

There are so many little thoughts and observations I make in a day that go unrecorded, forgotten.  Musings about me, my future, the future of the world, life in general…all lost to the whimsical pages of fleeting memory.  And I know that there are little insights I’ve made that I can’t recall, so that I’m essentially back where I started.  It’s frustrating, taking a little step forward, knowing that I’m just going to be taking it back in a few hours.

But then that fades away too, and I move on.

I keep talking about things I want to do, things I hope to accomplish, talents I should learn and develop and use.  But in the end…it feels like I do a whole lot of talking.  Talking, thinking, feeling…but no follow through.  Is my need to create being stifled by my fear of failure?  Or by itself?  Or is it the effort involved in the act of creativity that’s stalled me?  Or am I keeping myself dreaming of things I could do so that I don’t have to discover how un/talented I really am at them?

…And this is the kind of thing what happens when I let myself think for too long.

BS the Second!!!

So anyway, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am a Final Fantasy Fan.  Hardcore.  This probably explains why I own FF I , II (really IV), III (really VI), VII, VIII, IX, X, X-II(cringe), Mystic Quest, Origins (I & real II), Dawn of Souls (Same, for GBA), Anthology (V & VI), FF IV Advance, Tactics, Tactics Advance (sigh), Legend I, Legend II, Legend III, and Adventure, not to mention FF: The Spirits Within (movie), FF: Unlimited (anime), The Black Mages & TBM: The Skies Above (CD’s), FFT: Original Soundtrack, FF VII: Piano Collection, and the numerous burned copies of soundtracks and piano collections from my good friend Jim “way” back in high school.  And my book of FF VII piano music.

 …Yeeah.  Way hardcore.  Oh, I should probably add numero XII onto the end there, seeing as I’mma get mah preorder on the end of the month.  Mmmm, steel case…

So anyways…I guess the point of that was: video games are a part of who I am.  I see them as not just entertainment, but an art form as well.

I…think I’ve said that before too…well, just for the record then, there ’tis again.

Good tidings one and all; as a parting gift, here is geography.  Made fun.

PS: Sorry for the wait y’all.  Since I’m just so, y’know, vital for your rounds ‘pon the web. [/jovial sarcasm]